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Swimming pool Pattaya

Do you need help with repair, renovation, fixing your pool, or others? We have 15 years of experience in building houses, taking care of condos, building pools, and more. English/Thai speaking staff. Work done for the highest standard

renovate forum

Have questions about renovating, want to share tips & tricks? Join our forum for free. Welcome from any corner of the earth to anticipate. Answer questions, make your own, and/or share your experience. Anything about renovation/building and more as long as it is related. Not related posts and/or spam will be deleted.

renovate service pattaya

Time to renovate or extend your home? We have the professionals at hand to make smaller adjustments or total rebuilds. Any kind of construction work.  Swimming pools, garages, and more.


How to maintain your swimming pool to extend it's lifetime and keep it clean. Never build a pool by yourself if you do not know exactly how to do. It cost's to much to fail.

Some of our renovation services with happy customers!

Build a car garage

Renovate a condo

Change 1 bed to studio

Pattaya Country Club

A Pus, Soi Yumee

Park Royal 3, Pratumnak

build garage Pattaya
renovate condo pattaya
redesign condo pattaya

Long track record – about Orestone Group

Our company was established 2006. During the years we have established a vast amount of contacts with coworkers in the same business as ours, both companies as well as other agents.

We have very good contact with government officials, such as Land Office, Tax office, Immigration office and more. They know about and trust our company. This makes it easy for us to handle almost any issue that our customers may experience.

Our company policy is to support our customers, not only one time but also during and after you benefit from our services. We work with our customers to reach trust, honesty, and culpability, benefitting both you and our company. As our company name suggests Orestone – rock solid.

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